Aquarium Photography Resources

aquarium photography resources

This page provides our readers with aquarium photography resources and the knowledge needed to take better pictures of their fishy friends.

Our goal is to promote the fish-keeping hobby as well as my other love – photography. The sites we refer to here are excellent resources for the aquarium enthusiast and the photography sites are chosen with the same goal in mind. To help aquarium hobbyists learn photography techniques and take better pictures of their fishy friends.

Aquarium Forums

Aquarium forums are one of the best places to learn about fish keeping if you are new to the hobby. But they are also a great place for old pros to hang out and share their fish-keeping knowledge, or show off their tanks by posting photographs of their fish tanks and equipment.

aquarium photography resources

Fishlore provides aquarium fish information for both freshwater and saltwater hobbyists. They present information in an easy-to-understand way so that more can enjoy our wonderful hobby!

Their Aquarium Forum is very active, with both new hobbyists and old pros. This is a great resource if you have a question because there are lots of fishkeepers here at all times of the day or night to help you.

Aquarium Advice is an awesome website devoted to all aspects of fish keeping. They have a very active forum divided into categories so you can instantly focus on the information you need.

Categories include Freshwater and Brackish, Saltwater and Reef, and General Aquarium Topics.

Reef2Reef is focused on saltwater and reef tanks in their forum. They have an extensive and hugely informative forum, and I highly recommend it as a great source to learn about saltwater fish or reef tanks.

It is also a great forum to show off your photography skills and hang out with other people that love reef tanks as you do!

Aquarium Photography Resources Directory

These aquarium and photography resources will assist you in finding information quickly and will further your knowledge in our hobby. (At least – that’s my hope.)

Information on freshwater and marine fish keeping, aquarium maintenance, species profiles with photos, and fish health.