This page is devoted to Betta fish care tips because too many people seem to think the Betta can live happily in a little bowl.

Bowls are very hard to regulate as far as water conditions and temperature. Waste builds up quickly, and soon your Betta is living in a stagnant bowl. Even though the Betta CAN survive in such poor water conditions, it is not healthy for them, and definitely not recommended.

Small containers such as a bowl are susceptible to rapid temperature changes, which can cause the fish to get sick. Additionally, the common practice of frequent water changes to keep the fish’s bowl looking fresh and clear can cause ammonia burns on the fins of the Betta. Of course, this is totally relative to your water supply. If you use a private supply, such as a water well, you probably don’t have the same chlorine and ammonia problems as someone using a public water supply.

Think of Your Betta. Please.

Think of your Betta first.

Bettas are aggressive with other fish, especially with other Bettas, so it is common for people to house their Betta alone in a small aquarium. But he still needs room to swim around and enjoy life, right?

In fact, he needs at least four body lengths of swimming space. So, if he is two inches long, you need to give him a tank that is at least eight inches wide.

The Siamese fighting fish Betta splendens (commonly known as the Betta) is one of the most attractive and popular tropical freshwater aquarium fish of all time. Despite this, newcomers to the hobby often struggle to find the information they need to truly master keeping and breeding this spectacular fish for themselves.

 Betta fish care tips

In The Betta Bible, Dr. Martin Brammah combines the collective knowledge of some of the world’s most well-respected Betta enthusiasts with his own hands-on experience of keeping and breeding bettas, in order to put all of that information within your grasp.

One of the best Betta fish care tips I can possibly give you is to heartily recommend The Betta Bible. Over 300 pages long and containing more than 150 color photographs, The Betta Bible covers every aspect of the hobby, from taxonomy, anatomy, and history right through to the various types of Betta, how to breed them, and their genetics.

Whether you are thinking of buying your first Betta, or simply looking to improve your Betta breeding skills, this book is for you!

“A must-read for both the novice and more experienced Betta hobbyist alike.”
– Dr Joep H. M. van Esch (co-founder of the Bettas4all Standard)

Betta Fish Care Tips for the Community Aquarium

If you decide to keep your Betta in a community aquarium, use careful thought on the inhabitants sharing the tank. Remember, Bettas are from the Southeast Asian region such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. They are used to warm, calm water such as swamps.

Ideal tank mates should be small, and tolerant of the warm water temperature. Also, they should not have long fins, which can trigger aggression from your male Betta. Bettas are territorial so you will need to keep an eye on them and be ready to separate them at the first sign of trouble.

Recommended fish for a Betta aquarium include Rasboras, Danios, and small Barbs. Others are equally suitable, just ask at your pet store. I have never had issues with Corydoras in the betta tank, and I usually include them to do housekeeping duties.

As I mentioned, just keep a wary eye out for trouble. Also, some little fish are fin-nippers, so if your betta is getting his fins shredded, you will have to rescue him.

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