The flash photography rules that we often see at public aquariums should never be ignored. An aquarium full of aquatic creatures is counting on you to do the right thing.

Flash Photography Kills Tuna Fish

A shocking video has been shared online that depicts multiple flashes being set off at a crowded aquarium, resulting in the death of a fish that comes hurtling into the frame at a sharp speed and hitting the glass at full velocity. It is difficult to watch.

The tuna fish was startled and confused by multiple flashes used by tourists visiting the aquarium which unfortunately resulted in the self-inflicted death of the sea creature. Aquarium tanks are usually made out of highly reflective acrylic material and can negatively affect the vision of the fish on the other side of the glass.

Footage of the event shows several strong flashes of light against the glass (we counted at least seven, watching it back), suggesting that this was not a case of a visitor accidentally leaving their phone flash settings on auto, but that these tourists were either unaware of the flash photography rules or simply did not care enough to abide by them.

Watch Video (Warning: Sensitive Content)

The camera flashes are said to resemble reflective light bouncing off of the water and waves to the fish, and can even confuse them into thinking the light is prey, prompting them to try and swim towards it – and colliding with the glass casing of the aquarium tanks instead. The speed of the fish in the video is pretty phenomenal! My opinion is he thought he was attacking prey.

So if you see a ‘no flash photography’ sign, please don’t ignore it. It is there for a reason. Flash photography kills tuna fish.