Professional grade photos equipment

Professional-grade photos are possible with your phone. Awesome camera lenses come built-in with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. They are more than capable of producing high-quality photos.

Expensive camera equipment is not necessary to take good aquarium photographs. Sure, it would be awesome to have some of that high-dollar, high-tech camera gear… but, it really isn’t necessary.

Point and shoot digital cameras have improved greatly over the past twenty years. They are more than sufficient for aquarium photography.

Technique for Professional Grade Photos

If you are getting blurred photos your camera is picking up vibrations through your hand. Or your subject is moving and your shutter speed is slow.

Thom Hogan, the author of numerous How-to Guides for Nikon cameras, says the most important upgrade for any photographer is technique. In his article Blame The Equipment, he stated, “Upgrade the photographer! Technique has the biggest and most observable impact on results.”

Educate yourself on using your camera properly. Carry a tripod when you need it to ensure maximum sharpness, and you will be amazed at the results!

The key to good aquarium fish photography is not in the camera itself but in proper technique. And – the lighting.

There are many gadgets you can use to make aquarium photography easier and one of my favorites is using a rubber hood on the lens. This allows me to place the lens against the surface of the aquarium glass and totally eliminates glare or reflection. These camera lens hoods are relatively cheap compared to how much more professional your tank shots will be.

If you want to spend the big bucks on camera gear, everyone agrees that digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras take professional-grade photos, but unless you are selling your photos to a fish magazine, don’t waste your resources. Use what you have.